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Curlys Plumbing Reviews

3.4 stars based on 8 reviews

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    Charlotte Van Zante


    I am satisfied with the work David did for me. However, I was concerned about the bill and he explained he was charging market rates. I called several local plumbing outfits after the fact and each informed me that I was considerably overcharged. I am a senior-aged widow and I can't help but be suspicious now. Sadly, it is unlikely I will ever call Curly's Plumbing again.

  • J

    Jay Thomas


    Honestly, I can't believe I am the first person to review this "business" if you can call it that. The problem was the water heater was not producing hot water. -Call Curly's, they sent out a guy named Chris. Chris looked at the hot water heater and told us that he would need to change the heating element and that it would cost $120.00, now, I checked Home Depot and Lowe's and they charge $11.00 for a heating element, and I found out from YouTube that all you have to do is flip the breaker and then disconnect the wires and unscrew the heating element from the water heater, really easy. -Chris flipped the breaker, changed the heating element and then charged $120.00 for 20 minutes of work, really? I think someone needs a competitive business in Granbury, there labor cost is insane! -Chris also informed us that he adjusted the thermostat on the water heater so that we would get hotter water. 2 months later... -Called Curly's and had them send out another guy, well they sent Chris again. Chris flipped off the breaker, told us it was the heating element AGAIN! Changed it and charged us another $120.00 easily. -Chris told us that it must be Granbury water because of all the calcium build up and that it keeps effecting the heating elements and causing them to break. (I don't see the neighbors calling out a plumber every month!!!) -Chris never once drained the water heater tank, just like he never did the first time he changed the heating elements 2 months prior. -Chris left with a smooth $120.00 and a smile on his face. 2 weeks later... -No hot water... -Called Curly's again. -Terry answered the phone, he told us that he reviewed the account and that we would need to replace our water heater for just over $1000.00, I checked Home Depot and Lowe's, they both have water heaters for $309-$310 with the $309 being at Lowe's. They are easy to installed and it takes about 30 minutes of work. Seriously, someone should start a competitive business in Granbury, they would make a load of money! -I told him I would review it with other family members and look into buying it from him. I called my brother, who is not a plumber, he came over and looked at the water heater, he asked me when it was last worked on and what was done to the heater. I told him that the last 2 times we had a guy out to replace the heating element BOTH times and yet it was STILL broke. -My brother asked what had taken place. I showed him exactly what had been done, we watched the video, our house has cameras inside... -Turns out that the tank was NOT drained when the heating element was replace and that it busted when Chris replace it the last TWO times. -My brother and I removed the water heater tank and took it outside, we removed both heating elements and they were both busted! $120.00 well spent. -My brother drained the tank, then he sprayed water inside the tank and discovered that there was a calcium build up. -We began to clean the tank and empty the contents out, the whole process took 20 minutes. -Once done, we replaced the heating elements with the new heating elements we had bought earlier from Home Depot for $11.00 each. -We hooked the tank up, filled it with water from the valve that you hook it to, then once it was filled, we flipped the breaker. -We had hot water! Later that day... -I call Curly's. -Terry gets pissed about his business being called a scam and starts in on him being a "master plumber" and how his employees are the same. -Terry then ask me what I do for a living? WHY IS THAT IMPORTANT? -I told him that Chris adjusted our temperature gauge, Terry said that Curly's will never do that. -Terry, I have cameras in my house that recorded Chris saying that he adjusted the temperature gauge!!! -Terry, listen here son, if you have "master plumbers" working for you, then why did they not drain the tank and FIND the problem the first time!!! Other reviews that follow, might be employees...try them out for yourself and you will see!

  • J

    Jeff Logan


    I am fairly new to the area and was not sure who to use. He did everything he said he was going to do and did quality work. Attention to detail from start to finish . He was conscientious of everything he did and cleaned up everything when he was done. Give them a call when you need help.

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