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Bill's Septic Tank Service Reviews

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    Jacque Davidson-Federle


    I usually do not post anything on these sites; however, I am going to make an exception. We had some plumbing work done which resulted in a recommendation that our septic tank may need to be dumped. We called Bill’s Septic (also known as Cliffs and Acme Septic Service) and a technician came out the next morning. We have been in this house for 15 years and, before we bought it, the previous owner had the septic tank cleaned. The only description we had from the owner of septic tank location was a rough penciled draft. When the technician came out, my husband gave him this draft and immediately the representative said we did not have a septic tank because he saw the sewer line location. My husband tried to tell him that we did have a septic tank, but the technician kept on arguing that we did not. My husband then came into the house to call the company and the representative got in his truck and left (which really surprised us). My husband called the company and explained the situation and the owner uttered the words, “well that guy is pretty smart.” My husband explained that we had a septic tank and the owner started arguing with him (now mind you, the owner is not at the property, in fact he is taking his employee’s word). He put my husband on hold and then returned and said this employee would not come back to our residence. My husband asked if he could send someone else out and the owner said that he only had two employees and he does not let these two employees cross over each other’s job. The owner said if his employee said we do not have one, then we probably do not. My husband said that the employee did not even look. The owner repeated that his employee is smart and knows what he is doing and, because it is hot, he did not want his employee to look for it and because of the heat this could be a disaster. The employee came out at 9:30 am and, even though the sun was out, the temperature was approximately 77 degrees. We called another company and a technician was out within a few hours. Even though we had a rough draft of the location, this specialist looked for it, found the septic tank and clean it. Not only did he find the septic tank, he drew a more detail map of the location and gave a copy to me. The technician also said that a copy of this map will go in our file at the office for future reference. I want to add at this time the temperature was in the mid-80s when the technician was looking for it. My point in providing this extensive reference is to let everyone know what I believe is extremely poor customer service. It is my practice never to leave negative comments regarding a business experience, but I feel that this incident was beyond the pale and we were shock in the treatment and results of this interaction.

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