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    Yellow Dot Heating & Air Conditioning Reviews

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    • A

      Alex Fields (Foehammer14)


      I have installed my own thermostats several times but when there’s an unforeseen problem that’s outside of my expertise I try to rely on experts. I discovered a problem with my thermostat during installation and documented it so I could explain it to the tech. The lady on the phone was extremely pleasant and took down all of my notes so that the tech would have them when he came to the house she did inform me that it would be $99 for a diagnosis I told her that was fine and asked if she could invoice me in my email and she said yes. She also said the tech was also going to be fully equipped to solve the problem going forward. So I was prepared to pay $99 to explain what went wrong fully knowing that there could be an additional cost. While I was at work the tech arrives at the house and my wife let him start working within a short time he tells her it’s $99 + $125 but he didn’t know what the problem was. When I speak to him on the phone he said his boss said it’s another $125 to fix it but the tech still hadn’t told me what was wrong…why would I pay you an additional $125 when you haven’t even done what the $99 was going to cost me? Of course the job was done in less than an hour because one of the wires wasn’t drawing enough power. So now I was going to be out $224. I told them when I made the appointment to invoice me and I would pay it I wanted to review the detailed work and discuss the entire cost given that it wasn’t a $224 job but instead he decided to take payment via credit card from my wife. So now I’m out the money with no recourse to discuss it with a “boss” about how he ripped me off. The tech had the audacity to tell me that the problem was due to my setting it up in the app wrong… but when all was said and done the app worked fine and it was an electrical issue. He gets 2 stars because he fixed the problem but was a rip off on the cost and rude telling me it was my fault when they didn’t even know what it was in the beginning.

      Response from the owner

      Alex, Prior to our visit you were quoted a diagnostic fee, and after the tech reviewed the situation, you were quoted a repair amount. Both fees were approved prior to starting any work. After the unit was repaired and working, you were expected to pay the quoted amount during the service visit. We can certainly email our invoices, but all repairs are still on COD terms, and at the time of service. Unfortunately our services charges are not up for “discussion”, that’s why we always provide an upfront quote, and had the repair amount authorized prior to completing the work at your home. To clarify, the 99.00 fee is a diagnostic fee to assess the level of repairs required to make the system operational again. In some cases, additional damage to control boards, fuses, and wiring is done when hooking up a thermostat improperly. The diagnostic fee doesn’t cover the actual repair or setup of your thermostat, it simply covers the cost of coming out to your home and reviewing the system and providing a repair estimate.

    • J

      Jeffrey Kaszak


      Yellow Dot came with the house we built here in Apex. I thought about shopping around for other companies but who knows our house better? No one! Friends gave us names of the companies they used but we said that we are very very happy with Yellow Dot. They’re professional, thorough and on time! They will often check our system while they’re here to make sure our units are doing well, not to mention giving us tips to keep our system running “cool”! Kevin came out yesterday fixed a small problem and gave me a quick education on why what happened happened. We are very confident that we’re in great hands! Oh yeah, the friends who loved their HVAC companies now use Yellow Dot too!! Go figure! Now we’re ready for summer! Thanks Guys/Gals!! Jeff K.

      Response from the owner

      Hi Jeff, You are in great hands! Thank you for the feedback about your tech Kevin! Having confidence in the people you choose to service your home can be very comforting and we are thrilled we are your go-to for HVAC! You are ready for summer!

    • T

      Terry Crist


      I felt foolish after calling yellow dot given this pricing and all the problems we've had as a neighborhood. HVAC broke 2 years after install, our builder used yellow dot and our neighborhood has had massive problems from the wrong air handlers pulling in so much humidity multiple house's floors needed completely replaced, to equipment failures in under 2 years. The part that failed in our house was covered under warranty so I should have only been paying labor and for refrigerant. They charged $1,500 for about 3.5 hours of labor. I've seen lawyers charge a lower hourly rate. Hopefully they're paying their technicians well because at those rates they may as well strike out on their own. The technician was fantastic, friendly, and apologetic. I can't fault him for the company's pricing and would call him next time were he independent. I'd even pay an exorbitant rate if it were going to the person doing the work. I wouldn't have said anything, but they sent an email AND a text asking for a review on Google so here we are.

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