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Stillwater Mechanical Reviews

3.9 stars based on 8 reviews

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  • K



    I was very satisfied with the service and the professional way that my heater was fixed so quickly. I would recommend Stillwater Mechanical to any of my friends and associates. They got the job done quickly, efficiently and the rate was a reasonable rate and they didn't leave a big mess.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you for the wonderful review! It was a pleasure doing business with you!

  • R

    Robert Stevens


    I called to have my water heater evaluated because it suddenly stopped working. They told me they were going to look at my unit and might be able to repair. Actually what they said was "There's a good chance we might have to replace it." This to me implies that they were going to check the old unit to see if it could be repaired. They showed up and immediately began replacing it. I called the main office and was told: "now I told you there was a good chance of replacement." To which I replied, yes, and that leaves a chance for repair. If you had told me that I would definitely have to replace the unit, I likely would have still made the same decision, but I feel that you have lied to me. More specifically, they gained my business under false pretenses. If they had been honest with me and explained that they don't replace whirlpool or Lowes brand water heaters, I would have still allowed them to replace the unit. Well, I did let them replace the unit, but it was because I needed a water heater. But I would not have felt lied to and cheated. This was the difference between approximately $150.00 and the eventual cost: $1,050.00. The cost to Stillwater Mechanical is that I will never buy from them again because I can't trust them. I called them because of a family member's recommendation, and I expected to be able to trust them. Once trust is lost in business, it is very hard to regain.

    Response from the owner

    Your hot water heater was purchased at Lowe's, as opposed to a a specialized plumbing warehouse, and was a Whirlpool model, instead of a plumbing industry recommended model. Thus, Whirlpool hot water heaters cannot be maintained or serviced by licensed plumbers. Whirlpool water heater are allowed to be sold to the general public because they are made rather cheap, and do not provide quality materials that would be required to replace the unit. Therefore, we were forced to replace the hot water heater, with a better quality and plumber recommended make/model. When you phoned for your initial appointment you had implied that you accepted this fact that we may be forced to replace the water heater. Thus, it is our office manager who feels as though they were lied to. Because she had already explained to you that a new water heater may end up being the solution to your issue, we felt this compelling evidence to go forth with the new installation. Therefore, in order to meet your needs, our technicians began the process to ensure that your family would receive hot water. We are sorry for any inconvenience and are sad to hear that you did not find our services satisfactory. These are the normal procedures we take to ensuring that your family has access to hot water. Finally, your charges were at a reduced cost due to the recommendation from your friends. Thus, you should note that our normal water heater charges, in addition to a travel fee from Stillwater, OK to Perry, OK, would include a normal rate closer to $1,500. However, since we like to do our customers right, we gave you a bargain price of $1,050.

  • A

    Anthony Nugent


    I called in one of the drivers for coming into my lane several times. I called the phone number one the truck, someone answered without identifying themself or the company. They said it was Stillwater mechanical after asking if I had the correct number l. Told the lady what happened and was told “call the police” and hung up on, called back and no response.

    Response from the owner

    My apologies for this unfortunate experience. I must respond to your review by explaining that our technician was facing a diabetic attack, and it was later, that we discovered he was suffering from low blood sugar. He was taken to the hospital and was well taken care of by the hospital staff. We realize that your safety was at stake, and wish to extend our sincerest apologies. At Stillwater Mechanical, Inc. we take safety very seriously, and would like to formally apologize for your experience. We ask that in respect of the technician's health and character, that you remove this negative response. We feel that this review holds no accurate judgement of our services or character as a business. The technician has taken precautionary measures to avoid this safety hazard in the future. Our secretary responded in a manner that was outside of the norm. She had just been informed that the technician was behaving abnormally and may be in need of hospitalization. Due to this news, she was flustered and did not respond in the utmost professional manner. Her response was made under a stressful situation. This response was very abnormal compared to her everyday demeanor. Again, we apologize for you having to experience us on one of our irregular days. The secretary is now enrolled in professional development training seminar, similar to emergency responders, so that she may develop her knowledge and ability to respond during emergency, or stressful situations. We feel that we have taken the necessary precautions to ensure that this circumstance will not occur in our future as a business, and respectfully request that you remove your review, or make changes accordingly.

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