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Shilo Plumbing LLC Reviews

3.2 stars based on 37 reviews

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    Nicholas O'Bryant


    Exact same issue as others. Shiloh installs a cheap product, knows it goes bad in about a year or two, then charges a fee to even look at it. Just called and spoke with the warranty gal-she was nice and professional. Bottom line if you’re calling them, you’re already screwed.

  • R

    Ryan Mitchell


    About 16 Months after the purchase of a brand new home (CBH), water began to spill from the relief valve drain pipe of the water heater. Shilo's contact decal was on the unit, so I contacted them to see why this is occurring. Right away they stated this was a result of the "expansion tank" having gone bad. Understandable.. However, after asking if this is a common issue they are seeing in such a short time, their response was "Yes. We are replacing about 1-2 of these A DAY." On-top of that knowledge, they also stated if the house does not have a water softener, the "hard water" in the valley can contribute to this issue. Also understandable, but HERE is the issue.. Just because the builder (CBH) wants to be cheap and cut corners, Shilo (as a "professional" plumbing company) is KNOWINGLY installing a product into hundreds of homes, that is expected to go bad within 1-3 years (just outside of the warranty coverage for the house and the tank manufacturer). Instead of holding themselves to a higher standard by turning down such a poor product, they seem to bank on these customers contacting them to pay another ridiculous bill for replacing the tank. These expansion tanks retail for around $50.. After contacting them, they are quoting $400+ to replace it.. That is basically half the price for a whole new water heater!! I gave them an opportunity to turn this issue into an opportunity, but they held strong to their low standards.

    Response from the owner

    So the product that was installed isn’t a poor quality product. It’s produced by one of the largest companies in the US that manufactures various expansion tanks and we wouldn’t be using them if they had a known problem. The issue is water heaters, like furnaces, need maintenance. Water heaters and expansion tanks do benefit from periodic maintenance. It ensures efficient and safe operation and extends the lifespan of your water heater and expansion tank. Preventative maintenance items and intervals, including tank draining, are included in the operations manual that should be attached to your water heater. Whether it's a contractor or a homeowner performing the maintenance makes no difference as long as it gets done correctly. If properly maintained the water heater and expansion tank can last years. There is a 6-year warranty with the water heater installed in your house that covers the gas valve and tank itself. The expansion tank is made by another manufacture (they only have a 1-year warranty) and is required by the city to be installed on your water heater. The temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve attached to the water heater also only has a 1-year warranty. The issue with your water heater is that the air pressure in the expansion tank probably dropped which caused the rubber bladder to collapse filling the tank with water. Hard water can also contribute to premature failure of the bladder in the expansion tank. When water heats up, the excess pressure has to go somewhere. Since the expansion tank is full of water now, it can’t absorb the pressure change and it releases that pressure out the temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve to let you know there is a problem. That is by design and can save you thousands because if the relief valve hadn’t released the excess pressure, the welds on the water heater tank crack over time with the thermal expansion and then you have a leak on the water heater tank that can’t be repaired. Thermal expansion leaks on water heaters are not covered under any water heaters manufactures warranty no matter what the brand as they are preventable with a properly working expansion tank. We do get several calls a week due to homeowners not maintaining their water heaters properly. If you have a furnace, you change out the air filters in it every 3 - 12 months (depending on the size of the filter) as suggested by the manufacture. The water heater is no different. It needs maintained just like a furnace (maybe not quite as frequently). The price quoted was for labor and changing out the expansion tank, all of the galvanized pipes and the temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve and making sure tank pressure is set correctly for your house. It’s not just the expansion tank that was quoted. If it’s a new water heater that is needed, most companies are charging over $2000 to get one replaced so a little over $400 isn’t too bad to pay to help maintain your water heater longer. I hope this explains everything a bit better.

  • S

    Scott Reiner


    Just terrible ! We have owned our new home for 2 years and the only things that have gone wrong is our water heater and bathtub drain both installed by Shilo.. last year our water heater leaked due to cheap fittings instead of Brass. This year our bathtub drain leaked into the drywall and ceiling and caused water damage. The plumber that fixed it said there was barely any putty and that caused the leak.. so costly for us due to mistakes by this company

    Response from the owner

    Everything installed in your house is what the builder wanted to pay for. Sure brass or stainless is the preferred option but it costs a lot more for those fittings vs galvanized and when a builder does hundreds of houses it adds up. Sometimes galvanized fittings fail and leak but most times they last years and years with no issues. As for your bathtub drain, there is a known issue that pops up from time to time with the particular manufacture of the tub drain and they have provided a fix which we probably applied on your tub. Product failures do not mean our work is shoddy or we made a mistake. We don’t make the products and these are products used by most of the plumbers in the valley. In this industry, it is very common for plumbing companies to bad mouth other companies and will say all kinds of things to make them look like a rock star compared to the original installer. We stand by our work and cover any issues caused by workmanship. If it is a product failure then it’s up to the manufacture to cover. Some builders have a 2 year warranty while most only have 1. If you had reached out to us or your builder instead of hiring another plumber, things would have gone a much different route.

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