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Peak Plumbing & Mechanical Reviews

2.7 stars based on 17 reviews

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    Alex Schneider


    Terrible. This was the plumbing company that my home warranty company used for a hot water heater issue I was having. He took 1 week to get anyone from his "company" to show up to diagnose the problem, meanwhile my basement was leaking water from the water heater. When I finally got ahold of someone on the phone, they immediately went into blaming me for the fact that they hadn't contacted me. He ran the gamut of excuses as to why he didn't contact me "I don't have your number", "the home warranty place never sent me your info", "I called you and you never picked up", "the home warranty sent me the wrong info". All within the same phone call, he had 5 different excuses. Finally, though I got him to send one of his people to diagnose the problem. Fast forward to a week later and he still had not submitted his diagnosis of the problem to the home warranty company. And I called him OVER 10 TIMES asking him to send it. Granted about half of the times he didn't pick up the phone so I left voicemails, which he never responded to. When he finally answered the phone, he again went through the full gamut of excuses ("I already submitted it", " I'm pretty sure I did it this weekend, they should have it", "You'll have to ask the home warranty company" "I didn't receive a voicemail from you") that attempt to place the blame on someone else for his failure to submit his simple report to the home warranty company. All the while, water is still leaking from the hot water heater in my basement. He never ended up submitting the documentation, and I begged my home warranty company to let me use another plumbing company to fix the problem, because this Company is clearly incompetent and untrustworthy. Do not use this company. Seriously, there are great plumbers in the Tulsa area, this is not one of them. Save yourself the money, stress, frustration, and lies.

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    Keri Williams


    Water heater went out, called our HWA and they assigned this place to do our water heater. When I hung up with HWA I called Peak Plumbing to ensure everything was good. He informed me that he may be out the evening 12/29 or sometime on 12/30. I called on 12/30 to see what is going on and was informed that since the HWA hadn't paid for a water heater from October that he wasn't going to do anymore work for them. I understand his thoughts, because I wouldn't want to invest in something I haven't been paid for, but he could've 1st day I called so that we could've gotten something else figured out, or when he made his mind up he could've informed me so that we aren't just sitting around with no hot water and a leaking hot water tank. Very unprofessional on his part in my opinion.

  • t

    tara king


    DO NOT USE THEM!!! I used my home warranty for a plumbing issue and they used peak plumbing for my claim. They acted like they were too busy and didn’t call me back when they said they would. I called them again and the guy I spoke with said, “I don’t have time to deal with people like you.” He then hung up on me. I have never been treated in such an unprofessional manner.

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