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Lisbon, Canfield, OH

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  • +1 330-533-5559
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  • 55 Lisbon St, Canfield, OH 44406
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Neff Co Inc Reviews

4.4 stars based on 7 reviews

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  • M

    Mike Williams


    Above and beyond effort! Went out of their way to help me get warranty money back from a big box store. Followed through on all work until we were satisfied. Definitely recommend for customer care!

  • W

    William Dunn


    Family has had great results with company in the past.....however. A new representative visited (the regular guy was tall and “big” as Mom put it and always SUPER....the new guy was never mentioned much) the house to troubleshoot and repair inability of gas hot water heater to maintain pilot light/no hot water. The problem was repaired by the “NEW GUY” with no explanation of the problem nor the repair completed. From what I can gather from my folks, they were told that the repair was temporary and would soon need a new hot water heater at $900 plus labor. Several months later, while visiting over Christmas, there is no hot water one morning. Think about it...Ohio, winter, no hot water ....NO BUENO!! Sunday holidays= fix yourself. After investigation, the pilot would light manually but promptly extinguish when gas valve was switched back to auto/pilot. This problem is a simple air, fuel, and/or spark problem. I knew the spark was there so I cleaned the filters to ensure air flow was good. Ready for retest we manually relit the pilot, turned to auto/pilot and flame out. Spark was good, air was good...this is definitely a fuel problem. Removed the pilot assembly and inspected. Found a round thermistor was cracked. Looked online for replacement part cost of about $15 for the assembly. Three problems, 1. online will take several days to deliver 2. parts stores not open on Sundays and 3. all the parts on my assembly are good except for that dang thermistor/fusible link........Well after looking at the replacement part guess what? No thermistor! The thermistor is only on the factory installed part and not replacements! I explain problem to the folks and get the OK to remove the thermistor and solder the leads together and BLAMO! (Not a safety issue as heat buildup will desolder and tell pilot valve to shut gas supply). I am the newly crowned patron Saint of the family with a cookie plate only Jesus could satisfy better! Possess a chalice that overfloweth with family and pets arguing over both cleanup and ensuring it never runs dry (Thank you US Navy training and taxpayer support, you are swell indeed!). So, Neff, talk to your people, tell them to explain cause and solution. You very likely lost my family as long term customer and vocal supporter of your services. Customers, BE WARY OF THE NEW GUY!!!! PS the hot water heater looks nearly new despite 10 years old, they run a water softener so the tank is likely in great shape internally, water flushed out super clean. (What I am saying is the water heater will be there a very long time at this rate).

  • D

    David Gillespie


    This is one of the best places around. They just donated over $2,000 to my family. New shower and Jacuzzi bath tub. If anyone ever needs work done this is the place to call you won't be disappointed.

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