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Forbes Plumbing Inc. Reviews

4.8 stars based on 33 reviews

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    Aaron Paul


    Eric is very good at what he does so 5 stars for that. However, Eric is mean, gruff, and an overall unpleasant person to deal with. 0 stars for that. -- Update 9/7/2021 While I understand your emotions in this response. It is to be expected since you are Eric's wife and the owner of the business. However, by your response, you or Eric are clearly not taking any ownership in this. Your apology is hallow and indicative of the entire construction industry. Everyone is too busy to be professional until the market takes a tank. The good news is that what you wrote is public so people can judge for themselves. Your last public reviews was a year ago until mine. Public reviews are customer service reviews and frequency of reviews are indicative of excellent service. Service isn't just the act of doing the work. You don't have a lot for as long as you have been in business. Further Points. 1. "You mistook his annoyance for meanness." Outward overt "annoyance" is meanness. Thanks for admitting such. While Eric may be a great guy with a great heart, doesn't mean that he was professional and he was not. I'm not a professional tradesperson. I don't know the industry. I was not advised what was/ is industry standard and I did my best to communicate with you for scheduling, Eric via text, and liaison between you all and the rest of the crew working on my home. I got zero guidance on what is/ was "acceptable", no clear expectations on what should or should not be done when from you or Eric, and no patience in explaining or coaching on what would make things smoother. I even asked you on the phone what is the best way to make scheduling smooth. You reply was to always tell me that you would have Eric call circular right? 2. Just because the situation wasn't perfect (for Eric) did not mean it couldn't be done when he was schedule which it could have been. There was zero empathy that we had been living in a travel trailer in our driveway for months and all we wanted was to have our hot water heater hooked up and our washer and dryer so we could have $50/ week in laundry at the laundry mats. Maybe empathy got in the way with all the other community activity going on? 3. On our last interaction, Eric stayed for less than 30 minutes before leaving in a huff (annoyance, not meanness, which was the 2nd time he was "annoyed" during our project). It is quite doubtful that you "lost money" that day due to scheduling. On to the next job, 100%. 4. "You lost money" is a bit of a stretch. I was charged, more than 60% of the work done when less then was done. I also asked for the final invoice and I said I wouldn't haggle or nitpick it which I did not and I paid promptly. 5. I hired a separate company to finish the entire project which cost me an additional 2k over budget. If you wish to escalate this in public then I would be happy to post all the invoices and additional invoices I paid for services that Eric was supposed to do. Again, I stick to my original assessment, Eric is mean, but he does great work. It's your job to improve the professional image, not my job.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Aaron, this is Beth, owner and secretary for Forbes Plumbing, Inc. I am sorry that you had a negative experience with our company. We try to do our very best in the services we provide. We appreciate you saying that Eric is very good at his skill. Eric has many years of experience in service-plumbing, sewer cleaning, remodeling, and new-home construction. Eric is a master tradesman. However, I disagree that Eric is mean. Over the years, I have witnessed him donate hundreds of hours to charitable organizations. He is the founder of a local community garden that donates thousands of pounds of fresh produce to local food banks. He spent weeks installing plumbing fixtures in a new venue for Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, so the people of that region could have a way to generate revenue in an impoverished area. He dedicated years to the youth of our community by teaching them construction skills. He responded to the devastation caused by hurricanes in the south by donating hours and hours of labor installing new drywall and plumbing systems for people that lost their homes. Eric is not mean, because he would never give a small-local business only 2 stars in a Google Review and take no ownership for the problems he encountered. So contrary to your opinion, Eric has a good heart and is kind. You mistook his annoyance for meanness. He was annoyed because you scheduled him for two full days of plumbing work, and you were not ready for plumbing. The business lost money by lost service calls because you did not call to reschedule and let us know you were not going to be ready. I would like to end this response to your review by saying thank you. We appreciate your feedback that will help us improve our business. I appreciate you giving me an opportunity to brag about Eric. Forbes Plumbing will always be committed to providing high quality plumbing services, and we will strive to not be so quick to annoyance.

  • s

    sandra jackson


    I am very happy with the advice and sink I got from Forbes Plumbing. They knew the quality brands that would last, and not break the bank. Gave me solid advice what I needed to fix my plumbing issue. I highly recommend Forbes Plumbing, If you are looking for honesty, good quality, experienced workmanship I can tell you I got that from them.

    Response from the owner

    Thanks Sandra, we appreciate your business.

  • S

    Stephen Wells


    Our older home recently began having multiple plumbing problems (failing water heater, upstairs bathtub drain leaking into the basement, etc.), all of which needed to be addressed together. Forbes Plumbing proved to be prompt, courteous, and accomplished. Their plumbers arrived on time and demonstrated a high level of expertise in resolving each of our issues masterfully. The men were friendly, efficient, and resourceful, and they answered my many questions cheerfully. I will not hesitate to call Forbes again if I need a plumber in the future. Recommended without reservation.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you!

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