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City Wide Plumbing Reviews

3.2 stars based on 12 reviews

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  • J

    Jennifer Dennis


    I’m not one for negative reviews but this is the absolute worst company to deal with. Do NOT use them. I have been having issues for 3 WEEKS due to this company. They show up without proper equipment and without proper help. Said they would come back with proper help and I’ve waited THREE WEEKS calling and leaving messages with no response. Spoke with Hayden yesterday (finally) and explained the situation. I had good faith he would correct his wrong doing. I was wrong. The meth head that showed up the first time (not exaggerating) called this morning and said he can not come bc they sent him with a man that can barely walk (again). Called the owner asking WHY he didn’t send proper help after I explained yesterday he didn’t send proper help and he said that is bc the old man is the licensed plumber and he DOESN’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING. I’m livid. I have had feces coming up in my shower for 3 weeks. I’m calling a company that has their stuff together bc this company 100% does not. Do not waste your time.

  • F

    Flea Christenson


    Had a plumber come on Monday. Called the week before to set it up. Told him where I lived, exactly what I needed done. He told me, up front, it would be $95 an hour. I said okay. Monday he shows up. Says my water heater wasn’t where he expected (he was running a gas line for my stove, about six feet feet away), that he’d need to run back for a gas line. His office is about 25 miles away. He never asked questions and hadn’t been to my house, so I don’t know why he made assumptions like that. Whatever. Two new plumbers came back to do the job. I’d let him know that I also needed a pressure regulator replaced on the water heater. We had the part (my husband was originally going to replace it). They replaced that quickly. Rather, instead of cutting the copper pipe, they switched out the innards of the regulator. Now, instead of the air hammer noise, I just don’t have water pressure if more than one faucet is being used. 😒 Back to the gas line. They drilled through the wall and cabinet instead of up through the ceiling and down. Saved time and work. I asked them to do it that way. They agreed that it would be easier. Thank Stove is installed. They put the orifices on to convert from natural gas to propane. I also had those. The only part they brought with was the gas line. No idea how much that cost. Because the receipt said only parts and labor, $330. They were at my house just over an hour. Maybe an hour 15. So I called the original plumber, the owner, to ask about the charges. He said, when asked, that they charged for the drive. I said that would have been nice to know when I told him where I lived the week before. He also said, when prompted, that he charged $95 an hour for each plumber. So. Was I charged the dumb girl tax? Was I completely taken? I think so. They did fine work. I think. The water pressure is disturbing. My husband has called him and left a message. No response. The second star is because they were quick and seemed proficient. The three lacking stars are for the lack of information and being treated like an idiot, as well as lack of itemization on the bill.

  • L

    Laurel Maloy


    City Wide is my go-to plumber, but they do not work on jetted tubs so I had to call someone else 😔

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