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Butler & Eicher Septic Cleaning Reviews

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    R H


    3/2018 - They dropped the ball on my service and it cost me more than a few dollars. Butler & Eicher pumped my septic on a Wednesday but neglected to preform a critical step that could have alerted me to a backed up septic main. This step involved flushing a toilet / running water during the pumping so as to verify that the main was discharging water appropriately. Four days after having my septic pumped, I had a septic backup in the basement (came out of a floor drain). I called Butler and Eicher but they rarely answer their cell phones. I left a messages. I later heard back from them much later but it was too late. I called a local septic cleaning plumber (did a great job) who had to power snake out the main pipe due to a grease blockage. This plumber noticed that the main's discharge 6" line into the septic tank was covered in a white soap colored material (grease) and asked if the septic service had run a tap or flushed a toilet. I told then that they had not. The plumber then ran water and very little came out of the discharge. The pipe was clearly obstructed. In short, if the septic service had preformed this check it would have been likely that they, after having so many years experience, would have known that there was a likely blockage especially when I could see that something was wrong and not being an expert. Learning lesson: Make absolutely sure that whomever you hire to pump your septic does this test/check. Also, I've learned that there may be 2 hatches in a septic tank. Make sure that the septic company examines the hatch that is closest to your main sewer drain line (likely closest in the tank to your home) to check for visual clues for possible problems. Look out for an off-white colored cottage cheese like substance that may harden around the PVC pipes and often floats on the service of your sewer water (called scum) Don't just let them come over and drop a suction hose into your tank and do the least amount of work. Verify that they are getting the sludge evacuated from the bottom of the tank and are sucking off the scum from the top AND that they do a flush test while they have the tank open. Butler & Eicher had a reputation for being an honest septic pumping company so I put this out there. I suspect that they are. But at the least, they sure could have done a much, much better job on my tank given their extensive expertise and time in the business. I hope that this review prompts them to significantly improve their performance and to educate other homeowners. Of note, they made no effort to help after I told them about what happened but did say that they were sorry. Their lack of attention cost me quite a pretty penny.

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    E C


    Showed up right on time, were extremely professional and courteous, and gave me good information on the state of the septic tank (how full it was, how in need of pumping it was.) They accepted credit card and didn't require any info from me to find the septic tank which tells me they got records on my house beforehand. Highly recommend. Thanks guys!

  • J

    Jon Stone


    Called at about 10 am with a blockage in my septic tank. The woman that answered the phone said I would have someone call me back. I got a call back by noon. By 3:30 my they had come out, resolved my issue and finished pumping my system. The price was reasonable and the two gentleman were very professional. As much as I hope to never need their service again, if I do have an issue these guys will be my first call.

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